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live edge purlins and beams
house concert in great room

JIm and Silver Creek Timberworks created a beautiful timber frame home for our family. Jim's craftsmanship and his attention to detail coupled with his creative instincts are impressive.  It's clear he knows his craft and is passionate about the quality of work he does. Easy to collaborate with, he answered our questions with solutions that worked beautifully. -Brad Kleiner

timber home design
live edge, log and timber
Railing detail, port orford cedar
porch joinery
interior railing, yakisugi
post scribed to rock
locally milled and cut timber frame pavilion

“Jim built for us a 34 ft. diameter, octagonal, cupola-capped, timber framed pavilion. Our experience was most excellent as the inevitable problems that surfaced during construction were solved in a calm, thoughtful manner. Visitors never fail to comment on the quality and complexity of construction and we feel most fortunate to have this structure grace our lives and land.

When thinking of Silver Creek Timberworks, I think of quality, professional craftsmanship.  Whatever the project, it will be done correctly.  Jim DeSantis understands and respects wood.  He understands how it fits together, how it can flow with elegant, structural strength.  He will approach any project with mindfulness of how the materials used will fit in the space chosen.” -Charles Lobdell

Octagonal pavilion with cupola

"One of the dangers of asking an artisan to do construction is that some skilled craftsmen lack the skills to produce and be business savvy. Any concerns I had were allayed when I visited the shop. I saw actual materials and layout. This assured me that you could deliver the requested product without exceeding the agreed upon costs. Several contractors discover that they can easily promise and not necessarily deliver. It was comforting to know that you could deliver as agreed. 

I also recognized that I had asked you to do atypical construction details with my frame. The railing for the second story loft and the offset for the elevator shaft produced some challenges. With an easy back and forth, you easily met my requirements." - Scott Winegar

fitting up in the shop, truss
timber framed apartment
outdoor sitting room

"The timber frame gazebo Jim designed and constructed on our Abiqua Creek property is a monument to his artistry. The work he did on the vintage home we restored in Silverton is a testament to his eye for detail and perfection." -Carol Aubrey

Japanese jonery
garden structure
joinery detail
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