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What We Do

timber frame design, bent design
Scribing in the shop, joinery
Barn restoration, preservation, conservation, repair

Designing and building a timber frame can be very rewarding yet challenging. We help navigate this process every step of the way, from preliminary design to raising day.

Our projects are driven by our clients’ diverse visions, aesthetic sense, and desires. You can bring us your design or we can create one.

Many people have difficulty imagining what the designed space will look or feel like, so we start with a 3-D concept that helps visualize the space. We then work with our engineers to create a set of plans for permitting and construction.

We have a network of architects,

engineers, contractors, and material suppliers to assist with your build.

A quality build begins with quality materials. We source the finest Douglas Fir, Port Orford Cedar, and Western Red Cedar for our projects.  Our projects range in size from custom timber framed homes to outdoor shelters to mantles, gates, and furniture.   We also provide components, such as trusses or exterior corbels.


We strive to make the building process as smooth as possible.  Clear communication, timely delivery, and years of experience working with other trades ensure a successful build every time.

We care deeply about our built heritage and want to preserve as much of it as possible for future generations.  We work with historical societies, municipalities, and homeowners to restore, recreate and/or preserve meaningful wooden structures.

What we leave behind ultimately defines  how we lived, what we valued, and who we were.

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